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Terms & Conditions

General Info


Please read these Terms and Conditions of supply carefully. They are the terms on which you may purchase products from

About us 

Pride Farms Ltd;  The Company providing the online store and delivery services. is operated by or on behalf of Pride Farms Ltd. We are a limited by shares company registered in Rwanda under company number 108713190 and have our registered office at Kigarama, Kicukiro, Umujyi wa Kigali, RWANDA  

Our Products

Products / Produce: Products ordered by the customer.

Products: The products delivered to the recipient will be generally as per the description of the article and as per the picture chosen by the customer. All our produce comes directly from one of

our farms. In using the online shopping service, of  the customers are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions listed below.


Customer: The person using the online store and delivery service.

By ordering produce you warrant (or promise) that:

• You are at least 18 years of age or have the

permission of your parent or guardian to make a purchase.

• You are ordering produce for private or business use.

• You have provided honest and accurate information

about yourself, and the payment card or account you are using is your own.

We reserve the right to conduct security checks to verify your identity and in the interests of preventing fraud and other criminal activity. We may share your information with the police and with card and payment account issuers and other third parties for this purpose. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

Communications to customers:

The law requires that some of the information and communications we send to you are in writing. By ordering on our site, you accept that we will contact you and provide information by email and by posting notices on our site. 


The normal delivery time of the products ordered are on Monday and Thursdays as selected on the website by the customer. Deliveries on those days will happen between 10am and 6pm. 

We are not responsible for missed/late deliveries due to curfews, acts of government, acts of nature, holidays, incorrect addresses or acts of war. We reserve the right to deny services to any sender, without any explanation and are not liable for more than the retail cost of products.

We shall try our best for prompt delivery; delayed/early delivery for whatever reason shall not entitle the user for any damages or compensation.


In spite of full caution taken at the time of delivery, we will not be responsible for a mis-delivery if the receiver of the product at the address on the order form misappropriated, damaged or fails to hand over the products to the person named on the order form and takes the item posing himself to be the correct person.


We will deliver the same products displayed on its web pages and from the same sources indicated. However, in certain unavoidable circumstances arising due to the non-availability of products from indicated sources, we reserve the right to change the source and deliver approximately similar kinds of products. If a similar kind of product is not available, we will inform the sender to change the order or wait until it becomes available.

We will not charge more than the prices mentioned on the web pages but in certain unavoidable circumstances we reserve the right to change the prices without prior notice and charge the buyer accordingly.


We ensure to deliver the best quality products from our farms. We will be responsible for the produce before they are delivered, but once they have been delivered, they are at your risk. This means that you are responsible for taking care of them, that the produce is being washed and stored in a cool place. 

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards

  • Offline Payments: Mobile Money.


All prices are in Rwandan Francs and the products are door delivered in the respective city Kigali, as selected by the customer.


All payments will have to be made online at the time of placing the order either by use of Credit Card, PayPal or Mobile Money.  All orders will be dispatched only after receipt of funds in our account. We are not responsible for any fraudulent/ misuse of the credit card /debit card / online transfer by the customer.


No refunds will be made for orders placed and confirmed with us. The products provided on this website are warranted to be the same in nature and quality which is the purport to be at the time of delivery. Any noticed damages/complaints should be reported back to us after receiving the product, to render eligible for replacements. To report please go on the contact us page of this website and send us the necessary details.


The price of the produce will be the price quoted by us on our site when you place your order.

If we make any special offers or promotions, we reserve the right to withdraw them at any time and without notice. We take care to ensure that the product descriptions on our site are clear and accurate, but we may make changes without prior notice if we spot any errors.

Payment Methods

Changing your order

If you want to change your order after it has been placed, you should Contact Us. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to make any requested change, and do not have any obligation to do so.



You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time, as stated on the website. 

We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time if you fail to pay for your products in full.

If we exercise this right, our only liability to you will be to refund any sums you have already paid for the canceled order.


In the unlikely event of a dispute relating to the services of  , the dispute shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Rwandan courts.


The customer is bound to the above terms and conditions once he/she places the order. The customer should read the above terms and place the order only if they are acceptable by him/her.

Intellectual Properties

Your purchase of products does not give you any rights in the trademarks, copyright, patents, design rights or other intellectual property rights in the products or their packaging or user leaflets. These intellectual property rights belong to us at all times, and you may not use them for any purpose.



The website owner makes no warranties, representations, statements or guarantees (whether express, implied in law or residual) regarding the website.

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