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About us

Pride Farms connects people to beautiful products

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Our Products:
without compromise

Quality = no compromise.

We do not compromise on the use of harmful and unregulated chemicals, we do not compromise on our sustainable farming practices and we do not compromise on delivering produce as close as possible to what is on the farm:

  • Organic farming respects and works with seasonal changes, so your produce is at its very best

  • Solar energy for irrigation and cold storage for continuous production and preserving quality

  • Regenerative agricultural practices that go beyond organic principles and put soil health first

This is what you can taste in every bite.

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Our Service:
transparency first

All our choices support getting our customers the best quality, variety and convenience.

Why do we meticulously sort, wash and dry our vegetables? Because we want to preserve the quality and freshness of our products so you experience them as if they just came from the farm, which they did…

  • All produce is harvested, cleaned and brought to you by a cold truck on the same day to preserve freshness for several days

  • Our entire product experience is designed to be wholesome; our packaging is minimal and made from recycled paper

  • Our weekly boxes embody our core principles: minimal packaging, seasonality, freshness and variety and is our favorite way to consume the best vegetables in Rwanda

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Experience and Partnerships: 

creating value together

At Pride Farms we are not only producers but also consumers and we love seeing new local and regional products that have an eye for quality, transparent and natural ingredients and an eye for sustainability. We offer these products in our shop, website and through our retail networks and are looking to add more!

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