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Sourced from Constantine Ingabire, a dedicated single mother from Kigali, Rwanda, has emerged as a visionary entrepreneur and environmental advocate. Born into a lineage of coffee farmers, she transformed hardship into innovation all while being a single mother, when she started repurposing discarded coffee sacks into fashionable wallets.


Her initiative, named "Kawa Wallets" (with 'kawa' meaning 'coffee' in Kinyarwanda), ingeniously tackles waste by converting it into a usable product, reducing landfill waste, and promoting sustainability in the process. Each handcrafted piece, created from these colorful, durable coffee bags, is a testament to her creative spirit and commitment to environmental preservation.


Constantine Ingabire’s story is a powerful portrayal of resilience and ingenuity, demonstrating how resourcefulness and a sense of responsibility can create meaningful, positive change. Her legacy reaches far beyond her craft, inspiring her community and contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.


Kawa Wallet

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